B w photo paper dating kodak

Kodak worked to solve this problem as well and found a different solution.They used ionic insoluble carbon chains which were shorter than Agfa's for their dye couplers, which were suspended within droplets of water in the gelatin layers.

It became the cheaper and simpler to develop counterpart to the alternatives at the time, In 1955, Kodak introduced a chromogenic paper named "Type C", which was the first color negative paper Kodak sold to other labs and individual photographers.

The print's name is derived from the chromogenic reaction between the dye coupler and the oxidized color developer.

Chromogenic prints, like most color photographic prints, are developed using the RA-4 process.

The remaining silver and silver compounds are then bleached out, leaving a color image composed of dyes in three layers.

The exposure of a chromogenic print may be accomplished with a traditional photographic enlarger using color filters to adjust the color balance of the print.

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