Best books for guys on dating

It’s not a man’s staying power that gets her there, however; in fact, that hour-long, bed-rocking, wall-banging, neighbor annoying fucking you see in porn tends to be the like it lasts forever and allow for the reapplication of Astroglide.

In practice, that Gordon-Sumner-Approved-Le-Mans style fucking leaves her vagina feeling like it just drove full-tilt boogie across the Mojave. One of the issues that leads to men being lousy in the sack is the way guys treat female arousal and the difference between male and female arousal patterns.

It’s akin to coming to a race with a massive head-start; guys are half-way to crossing the finish line before women have even gotten to the starting blocks. A great lover recognizes that a woman has far more erogenous zones than her nipples and takes advantage of them.

horny, they’re more likely to rush towards penetration while their partners are still getting warmed up. The right kiss (or nibble) at the junction of neck and shoulder can drive women crazy.

That is, instead of desire preceding action – “I’m horny, therefore I’m going to I’m going to start kissing and touching you” – sensual and sexual contact is what the desire.

So not only are men more likely to get hit with the “boner out of nowhere” version of horniness, they’re also much quicker to peak… So while men and women take approximately the same amount of time to reach peak arousal and orgasm, men tend to start the process before women do.

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It’s also important to recognize there’s more to her vagina than just the clitoral head and the g-spot.

What was mind-blowingly intense at first can become “meh” inducing over a surprisingly short time.

Boredom can set in pretty quickly, especially when sex is the same thing Even a man who can lick his eyebrows loses his appeal when going down is the exact same routine. It’s the killer of attraction, the muffler of orgasms.

Having her sit on your thigh and grind against it while you make out can help give an intense pressure over her whole genital region and get her more excited than just a finger or two inside of her.

(And incidentally: Nothing ruins sex like unexpected jabs and UTIs.) While you’re at it though…

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