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Badlands stocks everything you need for your Empire BT gun, from sights and scopes to lasers, flashlights, rail offsets and grenade launchers!Stay in the game longer with upgrades from DYE Precision.Exalt always keeps the player in mind when designing their upgrades.The Launch Bolt, which is soft-on-paint and air efficient, is perfect for players looking to shoot extra brittle paint and eliminate ball rollback.Badlands Paintball carries a wide variety of upgrades for your Spyder paintball guns.Adding tactical upgrades to your Spyder paintball gun can give you a performance advantage over your opponent along with giving you a look and feel you desire.Badlands Paintball carries a huge selection of upgrades for your Empire BT paintball guns.Adding upgrades to your BT gun can give you an advantage over your opponents.

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Badlands stocks everything you need for your Tiberius gun, from air through stocks and spare magazines to front grips, sling mounts and rail covers!Grip Skins from Exalt provide players who find their Empire Axe or Mini a bit to slippery a textured grip which is easy to install and comfortable to hold.The Mini is one of the smallest and lightest guns in paintball.Add external paintball gun upgrades such as Bi-pods, Carry Handles, Bottomlines, Foregrips, Sight Rails, Gun Stocks, Tactical Lights, Lazers and Gun Shrouds.While External upgrades are great don't forget about upgrading your paintball gun internals, with replacement bolt's, regulators, and O-rings, Badlands has the gear that will keep you on the field and performing your best!

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