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We were joined by phone in our discussion by Lauren Gurniewicz, the missions’ chief of interpretation.She told us the National Park Service’s choice from the selection of 15 designs was TX-03A, calling it “fantastic” and saying “it represents what we’re about.” CCAC members don’t arrive in Washington with a blank slate for these America the Beautiful coin-design reviews.The quadrants illustrate symbols of wheat (farming and cultivation of the mission lands); arches and a bell tower (fortress, community, and home); a heraldic lion (Spain); and water (the San Antonio River and its life-sustaining resources).I was drawn to these designs because of their artistic connection to Spain’s colonial coins.These are the symbolically strongest and most numismatically significant designs of the Texas group.They hark back to the Spanish-American coinage of reales dating from the founding era of the San Antonio missions.Regular bullion versions are sold through the Mint’s network of Authorized Purchasers, while numismatic versions are sold directly by the Mint to collectors.

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The quatrefoil subtly represents the Christian cross, and it also has ancient Mexican significance, having been incorporated in water rituals, symbolizing rain and fertility.Another souvenir I bought during my September visit to United States Mint headquarters in Washington was an Uncirculated five-ounce version of the Ellis Island America the Beautiful quarter.The Philadelphia Mint strikes these large (three-inch–diameter) coins in 99.9% pure silver.Meanwhile, the architectural designs, TX-04 through 11A, are all beautifully drafted.The true standouts in this portfolio, though, are the trio of TX-03, 03A, and 03B.

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