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Tillman felt no movement from the baby and ended up rushing to the hospital.

Once there, doctors could no longer locate Berlyn’s heartbeat.

Terrah Tillman and her husband had been trying to have a child for five years.

After several miscarriages, they had all but given up on the prospect when Tillman unexpectedly became pregnant with a girl, Berlyn, due in early May of 2013.

As Sharon Nord, a perinatal nurse and the New York City area coordinator for the organization, explains, the moments surrounding an infant’s passing are typically hazy and disorienting for family members, and of course they will never have the lifetime of pictures people can rely on when an older person passes away.

“The families we assist will never have those pictures,” says Nord.

Oftentimes these sessions involve moving and positioning the baby, an act that takes great care and attentiveness.

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In 1997, he founded his own organization, Touching Souls, as he knew of no other service like it at the time.“It was everything I dreamed of,” says Tillman, a 34-year-old child therapist from California. We got so involved; we wanted to do a natural childbirth, so I had a doula and we had a childbirth educator and tons of support.” A few days after Berlyn’s original due date, Tillman went into labor and called her doula to her home, where she was ready with candlelight and music.“It was all very pretty,” she says, gently recalling the scene.When Tillman and her husband were told Berlyn would be delivered stillborn, they were beyond devastated.“A specialist came in and I just grabbed her,” recalls Tillman.

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