Email subject lines that work dating

When it comes to notifications (transactional emails) the best approach to subject lines is usually to be specific and let customers know exactly what they’re about to open.This might sound counter-productive but by letting the recipient know why you’re sending the email and what to expect is the best way to get their attention.According to the US Consumer Device Preference Report from Movable Ink, 66% of all email in the U.Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get more tips on email subject lines and other marketing topics.Hope that’s helpful, and please follow us on Twitter so you’ll know immediately when we publish something new on this topic. no matter how great of a guy you might be, and no matter how hard you try to get her attention…

Easy Jet include the name of your destination in the subject line, based on your booking: Using auto-responders in order to email customers in series is an extremely powerful aspect of lifecycle email marketing.

It’s important to be clear about each campaign you’re working on as, just like writing any other copy, a lot of psychology is at play when it comes to the subject line.

Whenever you’re working on a subject line, you need to be absolutely clear about your goal.

Take this example from Linked In: They let you know exactly what the email is about, reveal a little information to entice you and then leave you with a sense there is more to learn.

Another example comes from Perfect Audience with their conversion notifications: Although this subject doesn’t have the longevity of Linked In’s, it is effective because it is upfront, gets you excited and leaves the details of the conversion path to the body of the email.

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