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I just had to wait in a tiny cage in this torture chamber and await somebody to enter and tell me what all this was about. Outside the room stood Mick, the commandant of the prison and Ilsa, educated doctor and chief interrogator of this centre for extracting information of these creeps. I can see she is already nicely covered with fear sweat. No, but it is really a pleasure for me that they don't" Ilsa said with a broad smile at her face "I don't think you can imagine how exciting it is doing things like this? It was signed "restricted area only authorised personnel" She took a key from the pocket in her leather pants and unlocked the door. "Now they comes" I was thinking The heavy steel door was opened and a extremely good-looking middle aged woman in a tight fitting leather outfit entered. " Ilsa asked smiling again ....................................... Add 1, Mick "How are you Marina, having a good time as usual? I just wished I could have talked to her to make her know I was thinking on her as I knew she was at me. When you have emptied your bladder we will have to make some tests on you in order to make sure you will be able to take our 'kind' treatment" Ilsa said laughing while she left the room slamming the door shut and locking it from the outside again. You just have to be patience for a few minutes more! But she almost never uses the equipment as it was originally designed. But I'm sure she will tell you about all this later. I tried to cry out in the hope that somebody would come and take me to a toilet but nobody came as they had promised me. I was standing on a kind of crating cutting with sharp edges cutting into my feet. I had pissed for a few seconds when a sudden pain hit my feet.Sometimes I have several orgasms during a torture session. Attched to her broad leather belt was a pair of handcuffs, a leather whip at the right side and a strange looking device at the left side. " Ilsa asked smiling evilly at her Marina knew it meant severe punishment not answering this sadistic woman. Please let me out, just for a moment so I can move my sore muscles! But I just had to pretend that I didn't know her at all or at least didn't know her well. Does this means that you know who that will be able to tell us? Why in heaven did she have to lock it I was wondering trying to find a comfortable position in this awful cage. I only a worker who has to work to survive and that is all I can tell. I have learned at school that it was important to choose a simple explanation and stay with this as long as I could. I really think it is too bad that you continue to tell us that you don't know anything. In the meantime just make yourself comfortable and enjoy the stay. The cage floor was connected to some wires and my piss obviously did trig the current to start flow. It was like small needles were forced into my bare soles and it just continued.Janet has decided to tell the story herself no matter how hard it is to talk about. I was a little afraid because I had had a lot of jobs for the resistance fighters because some of the couriers were missing.Nobody exactly knew if they were caught or they just had gone underground due to danger to be caught by the Nazis. My heart started to beat a little faster and I increased the speed to get home as quickly as possible.We will be happy to receive suggestions for improvements as well.If you are a female and you while reading it feel really excited and you really would like to be a part of a role-play then send me a letter telling about your desires and your data then I will think about it and send you a letter if I think we can combine it in a larger play. She is caught and first she is put into some really severe interrogation.One of my true friends called Marina had been missing for about a year. Then for six months ago I heard that her family had received a letter signed by her telling that she had left the country. Now this bloody war just had to end and then we can have some fun together again. Then I heard it again but I still couldn't see anybody.

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Below is the horrible story about what happened to Janet because she despite she was careful not being found by the Nazis failed at last. It was too expensive to go by bus and furthermore the buses had been cut drastic due to lack of money during the war. A nice trip giving me plenty of time to thin about how to cope with my present condition.In front of me stood two men with covered faces and out from a door behind me came a third man. One of the men gripped my arms while one hold a cloth with some strong smelling fluid on it at my nose.I desperately tried to get free but as the third man helped them it was impossible.Whips, strange head shaped devices, different types of dildo like devices some of them with wires attached! Marina has been very stubborn but now it doesn't matter anymore as we by other means have got the information we think she know., all kind of horrible masks some of them so sophisticated that I couldn't even imagine what they could do to a woman like me. As she has been so stubborn we have...say kind of rewarded her. She is severely tortured, then she is treated by our excellent nurses in order to make her ready for a new session. I will show you how comfortable she is stored" Ilsa said while pressing a button.

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