Problem updating on turbo tax

He said we won't keep coming out anymore to just jump start you, when we've told you to take it to a dealer.

I said it was booked in on the Monday, but I couldn't have got it there in its present state.

I asked to be kept informed of the progress, but only ended up having to chase the situation of our vehicle.

Just before Christmas they said it should be back and ready for collection. The system was supposed to have been reset after the accident, but then he informs me that they've got to reset the system, but their technician doesn't know how to do it. Seems right hand doesn't know what the left's doing.

After a lot of unpleasant discussions and headaches they eventually changed the bonnet, as Nissan wouldn't authorise the paint work repair, even though it doesn't explain anywhere in the manual about the wiper/bonnet caution.

Next the door seal around the front passenger door was faulty and needed replacement.

In short, my wife doesn't want that car anymore, for obvious reasons. If I had to sum up my experience of owning this car in one word it would be ‘awful’. On a good smooth motorway it is comfortable and composed. Problems - In my case these included: Front parking sensors firing randomly when wet This is a known problem which was eventually more or less resolved, though not entirely..

It also has a good, clear, bright (though necessary) reversing camera. Seat catch fell apart on first use Loud Vibration from engine compartment.

not really fully resolved - I had to learn to live with it. Handbrake warning light showing, though no apparent problem.

I asked if the sun screen and the system fault had been resolved? I feel we've given them more than enough time, over 11 weeks to date.

my wife feels very dubious about driving the vehicle as it's likely to let her down and the possibility of not having the RAC to fall back on.

Don't get me wrong we love the Nissan Qashqai, but not the FP14XTE one, it's a 'lemon' or Friday afternoon car.

As things stand, this is the most I've ever spent on a new car, to date this is the worst car I've ever bought.

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