Pros and cons of liquidating assets

They live in their own world, following their own Gypsy law, governed by their own Gypsy justice system and courts, speaking an unwritten language no one but them understands.

You wouldn’t expect to see an Abba tribute band if it said Abba on the ticket, would you ? Transferring employees…thats something I’d forgotten about. Remember the fuss Charles Green made when he thought he owned the players ? Its their job to make sure no stone is unturned in the pursuit of any revenue that can be used to pay off creditors.The main objective of a liquidation order is to close a business down and cease all trading across the board.The other way to go if you want to reuse the name of a liquidated company is to apply for the name in court.You’ve got to be quick off the mark though – this application must be submitted within 7 days of the company going into liquidation.

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