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Spanning approximately 5 000 hectares, it is zoned primarily for agriculture with the Magaliesberg Mountain enjoying the conservation status of "protected environment" under National legislation.Action taken by the committee is guided by the memberships’ needs and the Conservancy Constitution.The Green Drop Report that measures the quality of waste water, showed that water plants had deteriorated seriously since 2013-14.Since water restrictions had been instituted in recent months, and made stricter recently, there had been a sharp increase in the demand for boreholes.

Fungus infections can also manifest in frogs living in polluted rivers, streams and pans.According to hydrogeologist, Andrew Johnstone, underground water levels do not decrease as quickly as dam levels, because there is no evaporation.Depending on weather conditions, groundwater is also replenished by leakages in municipal systems.About 10% of the water used to water gardens also flows back to the water table. Depending on the quality, this will decrease water loss with anything from 70% to 95%.(Leanne George, Jan de Lange and Aldi Schoeman, Rapport, 29 January 2017).

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