Sexy women in wechat

“The fact is on the table, only you are blind,” she says, trying to persuade her friend on the other end of the phone to give up on her unfaithful boyfriend. (In comparison, one of the most popular foreign celebrities on Weibo, NBA player Kobe Bryant, has four million followers.) She also has a You Tube channel with 19,000 subscribers.

Here’s a video of her mimicking a gossipy Shanghai woman talking in a mixture of Shanghai dialect, English and Japanese (Japanese and the Shanghai dialect sound similar). She has eight million followers on Weibo (link in Chinese, registration required), and her video posts often draw ten of thousands of re-posts and comments.

Once he got their contacts, he would chat with them on We Chat, Shin Min Daily News reported yesterday."They looked very young and were dressed sexily.

They were very flirtatious and hard to resist," said Mr Chen in Mandarin.

But Mr Chen came to his senses after she asked for an additional 0 worth of cards.

Mr Chen tried to confront some of the "sexy women" he had met over their alleged scam tactics.

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