Sims social close friends to dating

This shows to whom the active Sim is speaking, and their relationship score.

Right now, because their relationship is strictly friendly, there is only a green relationship meter that steadily fills as they have successful positive interactions.

You can view the entire neighborhood by pressing the M key, which Christine does now to check out her surroundings.

She notices that she can visit one of five public buildings if she wishes: a nightclub, park, gym, library, and museum are all open all day, every day.

However, for now, she decides to just stay in her section of the neighborhood.

We mouse over one of the houses with a plumbbob symbol (indicating someone lives there).

Because Christine is the active Sim and now engaged in conversation, a window appears in the top-center of the screen.

Sims that are romantically involved can exchange passionate kisses and hugs, have "quickies" in the shower, or make "woohoo" (the game's long-standing euphemism for sexual intercourse).

These interactions are accompanied by floating hearts, groans and giggles, but nothing graphic.

There is a lot of information contained in that small window, so let's take it from the top.

First, the very top of the window reads “Pleasant Conversation.” If the Sims are left to their own devices, this line will dictate how they speak to each other.

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