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Affiliates are responsible for charges relating to currency conversion that their bank may charge.

Affiliates that show a high referral rate and earn more than per quarter may negotiate to be paid by bank transfer in US Dollars.

Placing this code into a web page on your own site will display a banner on the page.

This banner includes a unique tracking number (your affiliate number) that is sent to our site if a user clicks on the banner.

If a user free registers on our site, your affiliate number is associated with the registration in our database.

Therefore there is a permanent record of who referred the user. Every free member you send to our site and that subsequently goes on to become a paid subscriber will earn you cash.

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But what does this mean for our relationships and is it a good, middling or actually very bad thing?

This mail will include the URL to the affiliate center plus your unique tracking number and login/password.

You can retrieve the code for banners or text links from the affiliate center.

But the good news is it couldn't be easier to turn this particular dating problem around.

Next time you pick up the phone to text/tweet/email, trying hitting the call button instead.

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