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M and Tiger Beat Scans Carmen sent in scans from the September issue of M (US) (1 & 2) and the October issue of Tiger Beat (US).

"Bloom, Aniston Chat Room Favourites" From nz: Orlando Bloom and Jennifer Aniston are the celebrities American singles would most like to stumble across in an online chat room, according to a new survey.

The pair topped a poll of 2907 singles by one of the leading internet US dating services,

Gazette Scores Exclusive Interview From uk: The Kentish Gazette scooped the world's press, winning an exclusive interview with Hollywood film star Orlando Bloom, thanks to good old-fashioned contacts.

more Japan Visit Video From Maja: Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet shows a clip of Orlando from the Elizabethtown promotion in Japan. Bloom: I was reading the new August/September issue of Guidepost's Sweet 16 Magazine, and they have a Best Friends quiz.

You take the quiz for your best friend, then she takes it for you, and you compare answers.

VMA Video Clips and Screen Captures I added video clips and screen caps from the MTV Video Music Awards.

Kentish Gazette Interview Dairwendan from sent in the Orlando interview that appeared in the Kentish Gazette a few weeks ago.

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